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Summary of "La mise en marché des produits biologiques au Québec".

Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pecheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec, Québec, Février.

Thériault, J.. 1991.

Estimate of number of certified producers 150 - 1990; 89 - 1986

At the time of registration of agricultural enterprises in Quebec, in Sept 1990, they were asked if they practice biological agriculture:

- 1845 - yes

2484 - in part = > 4329 yes or in part of 38031

33702 - no

- vegetables is the most important type of production ; generally on 2-15 acres, rarely on more than 20 acres

- 15 certified milk producers, but several hundred in transition

Estimate of market 5 Million farm gate

10 M retail

10 M imports

20 M total of organic sold in Québec

About 3 million of products of vegetable origin are produced and 2 million of animal products ; represents about 1% of the agricultural sector in Québec; estimate 5% by 2000

Looks at the CREAQ budget for carrots:

- based on 12 producers with 4 to 15 years experience and certified

COSTS Organic $/hectare Conventional $/hectare
seed, fertilizers, containers,

cultural operations without

including labour

1448 986
storage, marketing, transport labour 12008 1897


Variable costs for organic 4.6 times higher, but revenue was 5 times higher since they assume $25/master versus $5 for conventional.

Based on this he states that organic producers have no choice but to sell their products at higher price than conventional.

Price Waterhouse poll, published May 1990 for Canadian Consumers' Assoc. and Agriculture Canada - poll in Feb/90, 1500 adults across Canada, 25% of adults are very concerned with the security of their food; concerned mainly with pollution, use of pesticides and hygiene conditions

There are 15 million consumers within 500 miles of Montreal; this is a potential market that he sees worth exploiting.

Financial support - MAPAQ gave $100,000 to help a sectoral committee for organic agriculture to put together norms to get the OCIPB operational so that the Québec Vrai label for organic products would be used.

An additional $300,000 was allocated by MAPAQ to publicize Québec Vrai (in general) with the public.

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