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This is our first issue of EAP Comment. After 20 years of work on sustainable, ecological and organic agriculture, we think we've an interesting perspective on their development. With EAP Comment, we want to share our views with you and hope to hear your reactions to the issues and analysis we provide.

Each issue will offer observations on current and recurring themes of sustainability in agriculture. Some items will be newsy, others more analytical, with references to additional sources of information. At the end of each issue will be news for members — on EAP services, staffing and member feedback.

We hope you find EAP Comment interesting. If you have particular issues you'd like us to tackle, let us know.

In this Issue

Member News

We've been working madly on our Internet site, but server software problems experienced by our host mean, sadly, that the site won't be fully functional until at least mid-April.

Starting in February, current contents subscribers began receiving monthly mailings with information about the contents of the recently arrived issues of key journals and magazines.

Our membership drive is on, so if you know people who would benefit from our services, let them (and us) know.

Next issue of EAP Comment — the beginning of May.

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