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6.1 Inspection and certification systems are used to verify the labelling of, and claims for, organically produced foods. Development of these systems should take into account the Principles for Food Import and Export Inspection and Certifications13, the Guideline for the Design, Operation, Assessment and Accreditation of Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems.14, 15

6.2 Competent authorities should establish an inspection system operated by one or more designated authorities and/or officially recognized inspection/certification16 bodies to which the operators producing, preparing or importing products as referred to in paragraph 1.1 should be subject.

6.3 The officially recognized inspection and certification systems should comprise at least the application of the measures and other precautions set out in Annex 3 .

6.4 For the application of the inspection system operated by the official or officially recognized certification body or authority, countries should identify a competent authority responsible for the approval and supervision of such bodies;

6.5 In order to attain approval as an officially recognized certification body or authority, the competent authority, or its designate, when making its assessment should take into account the following:



6.6 After an inspection or certification has been approved, tThe competent authority or its designate should:

6.7 Official and/or officially recognized certification bodies or authority   referred to in paragraph 6.2 should:

6.8 Official or officially recognized inspection and/or certification bodies  or authority should:

6.9 The designated authority and the official or officially recognized certification body or authority referred to in paragraph 6.2 should:

6.10 The requirements of the Guidelines for the Exchange of Information between Countries on Rejections of Imported Food17 should apply where the competent authority finds irregularities and/or infringements in the application of these guidelines.


11   The systems conducted by certification bodies may in some countries be equivalent to those systems conducted by inspection bodies. Therefore, the term "inspection and certification" has been used wherever these systems may be synonymous.

13   CAC/GL 20-1995

14   ALINORM 97/30A, Appendix II

15   See also other agreed international standards, eg ISO65.

16   In organic approval processes reference is frequently made to certification performed by either a 'certification body' or an 'inspection body'. Where these functions are conducted by the same body there must be clear separation of the inspection and certification roles.

17   ALlNORM 97/30, Appendix 2


Codex Alimentarius Working Group, May 27th, 1998. (Draft copy)

Important Note

Text that appears in bold and underlined letters indicates new text relative to the last document of the "Codex Alimentarius Working Group".

Text that appears in red italics letters indicates eliminated text.

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