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3.1 Organic products should be labelled in accordance with the Codex General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods9.

3.2 The labelling and claims of a product specified in Section 1. l(a) may refer to organic production methods only where:

3.3 The labelling and cairns of a product specified in paragraph 1. l(b) may refer to organic production methods only where:


3.4 By way of derogation from paragraph 3.3(b), certain ingredients of agricultural origin not satisfying the requirement in that paragraph may be used, within the limit of maximum level of 5% m/m of the total ingredients excluding salt and water of agricultural origin in the final product, in the preparation of products as referred to in paragraph 1. l(b);

where such ingredients of agricultural origin are not available, or in sufficient quantity, in accordance with the requirements of Section 4 of these guidelines;

3.5 Pending further review of the guidelines in accordance with Section 8, Member Countries can consider the following with regard to products referred to in paragraph 1.1(b) marketed in their territory:

3.6 In developing labelling provisions from products containing less than 95% of organic ingredients in accordance with the paragraph above, member countries may consider the following elements in particular for products containing between 95% and 70% of organic ingredients:

The labelling and claims of a product as referred to in paragraph 1.1(b) which has been prepared partly from ingredients not satisfying the production requirements of paragraph 3.3(b) may refer to organic production methods provided that:

(a) at least 70% of the ingredients of agricultural origin (calculated on all ingredients including additives but excluding salt and water) satisfy the production requirements of 3.3 (b), where such ingredients are less than 70% of the total ingredients of agricultural origin, reference to the organic production method may appear only in the list of ingredients;


3.6 Labelling of product in Transition/Conversion to Organic

Products of farms in transition to organic production methods may only be labelled as "transition to organic" after 12 months of production using organic methods providing that:

Labelling of non-retail containers

3.7 Information on non-retail containers of a product specified in paragraph 1.1 should be given either on the container or in accompanying documents, except that the name of the product, lot identifiation, and the name address of the manufacturer or packer [and the name and/or the code number of the official or officially recognised certification body or authority] should appear on the container;

3.7 The labelling of non-retail containers of product specified in paragraph 1.1 should meet the requirements set out in Annex 3, paragraph 10.


9 Codex Stan 1-1985 (Rev 1-1995)


TABLE 3: Ingredients of non agricultural origin referred to in Section 3 of these Guidelines

TABLE 4 6: Processing aids which may be used for the preparation of products of agricultural origin referred to in Section 3 of these guidelines

Codex Alimentarius Working Group, May 27th, 1998. (Draft copy)

Important Note

Text that appears in bold and underlined letters indicates new text relative to the last document of the "Codex Alimentarius Working Group".

Text that appears in red italics letters indicates eliminated text.

Text that appears in green will be discussed next year.

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