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Increased Susceptibility

People with compromised Immune systems or preexisting allergies may be particularly susceptible to the effects of B.t. In mice with reduced immune function, the dose required to kill more than 50 percent of the mice when injected was several orders of magnitude smaller than the highest dose tested in normal mice. Mice with impaired immune function also showed higher mortality than regular mice when one dose of B.t.i. was injected into the abdominal cavity. Although no definite cases have been reported of B.t. infecting humans with compromised immune systems, the Oregon Health Division suggested before a B.t.k. spray program that Individuals with...physician-diagnosed causes of severe immune disorders may consider leaving the area during the actual spraying.

A memo from Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Foray 48B, states that the amount of the spray a Arson would be exposed to would be too small to develop new allergies. However, «It is possible that someone that already has developed an allergy to one of the components of Foray 48B or has asthma ... could be affected by exposure to small quantities of Foray 48B."35 The 1991 Material Safety Data Sheet for Foray 48B states "Repeated exposure via inhalation can result in sensitization and allergic response in hypersensitive individuals".

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