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Expert directory

Sustainable Agriculture Directory of Expertise, 1993, 300 pp. Available for $14.95 (U.S) from Sustainable Agriculture Publications, Hills Building, Room 12, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405


The matter that counts

Organic Soil Amendments and Fertilizers, a 36 page booklet, is available for $5 from ANR Publications, University of California, 6701 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA 94608-1239; (510) 642-2431.


Learning about sustainable ag.

Education and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture: a listing of over 100 institutions and organizations involved in organic, alterntive, or sustainable agriculture. Copies available from: Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, USDA, National Agricultural Library, Room 111, 10301 Baltimore Blvd., Beltsville, MD 20705-2351.


Practicing sustainable farming

The sustainable farming practices of Dick and Sharon Thompson are the topic of a video available from the New Farm Library. The cost is $ 19.95, To order contact the NFL at the Rodale Institute, 222 Main St, Emmaus, PA 18098.


No-till, zero till . . . con-till?

Conservation Tillage Systems and Management, 140 pp., 1993. Midwest Plan Service, Iowa State University, Ames, IA. $19.25


Ag. ecosystems & climate change

Agricultural Ecosystem Effects on Trace Gases and Global Climate Change, 206 pp. 1993. American Society of Agronomy, Madison, WI. $30.00.


Get Going on Organics

Gardening Natures Way Video Series: Organic Gardening Step 1 (60 minutes), Natural Pest Control Step 2 (40 minutes). Contact Garbage Friendly Products Inc. 800 Steeles Avenue. W. Suite B-10-259, Toronto, Ont. L4J 7L2 (416) 663-7347.


Hedging your bets

The Hedgerow Project: A review of the literature about sustainable hedgerow planting in agriculture is available from the Hedgerow Foundation, Forest Resource Center, 1991 Brightsdale Rd. R.R. #2 Box 156A, Lanesboro, Minn. 55949. Tel. (507) 467-2437.


Farming the integrated way

Integrated Farming Systems Research Methods, 1993, Proceedings of a Workshop held at the University of Guelph January 29, 1993. 69 pp. Contact Dr. E. Ann Clark, Crop Sci. Department, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont. N1G 2W1.


Farming with bio-dynamics

Bio-dynamic Farming Practice by F. Sattler and E. V. Wistinghausen, 336 pp. The definitive book on Biodynamics is now available in English. Available for $58.50 +$2.75 postage and handling from the Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association, PO Box 550, Kimberton, PA 19442 (215) 935-7797.


Weeding out the options

Economic Comparison of Farming Systems with Alternative Weed Management Strategies: A Case Study Approach by D.P. Stonehouse, R.S. Gill, S.F. Weise and C.J. Swanton, Feb. 1993, 65 pp., Available from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Business, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont. N1G 2W1.


Nitrate Argument

Farming, Fertilisers and the Nitrate Problem by Dr. Tom Addiscott, Dr. Andy Whitmore and Dr. David Powlson. The book explains the problem of nitrate leaching and its causes, and discusses how relevant options such as banning nitrogen fertiliser or converting to organic farming are to solving it. Dr. Tom Addiscott, Institute of Arable Crops Research, Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, AL5 2JQ. Tel: +44 592 763133.


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