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June 22-26

International Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Agenda 21: "Sustaining the Earth Summit." Contact: International Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, Minneapolis Minnesota. (612) 331-1099.


July 21

Sustainable Farming Summer Field Day, Farm of Harry and Lila Wilhelm, Tavistock, Ont. Contact REAP-Canada Field Office (519) 485-6625.


July 26-28.

Renewable Wood Energy: A poplar future. Joint meeting of the Poplar Councils of the United States and Canada. St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact Ed Hansen (218) 326-7109.


August 8-11

Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Meeting, "Exploring Conservation Frontiers," Fort Worth, Texas, Contact SWCS (515) 289-2331.


August 11-13, 1993

Conference on Sewage Sludge: Land Use and Environment, Sheraton Airport Inn, Minneapolis, Minn. (612) 625-1244.


August 13-15

Natural Organic Farmers Association 19th Annual Summer Conference and Celebration of Rural Life, Amherst , Massachusetts. Contact Julie Rawson (508) 355-2853.


August 15-18

The third North American Agro-forestry Conference, "Opportunities for the temperate zone", Ames, Iowa. Contact Dr. Richard C. Shultz. (515) 294-1166.


August 30-September 2

First Biomass Conference of the America's: Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Industry, Burlington, Vermont. Contact National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO : (303) 231-1158.


September 3

Herbaceous and Woody Biomass Field Tour (following the biomass conference of the America's), Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec. Contact REAP-Canada: (514) 398-7743.


September 7-9

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) Trade Conference, Baltimore MD. For more Information : (413) 744-7511.


October 12-16

Systems Approaches in NA Agriculture and Natural Resources: Broadening the Scope of Farming Systems Research and Extension, Gainsville, Florida (904) 392-6950.


October 24-26

Science and Sustainability: Reshaping Agricultural Research and Education, Contact Washington State University, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (509) 335-2921


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