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Fungicide seed treatment affects nodulation

When soybeans are planted on new soils, they frequently are also treated with Anchor or Vitaflo 280 fungicides. Both products contain the same active ingredients (Thiram and Vitavax) but have different formulations. Anchor is applied in the plant hopper, whereas Vitaflo 280 is applied to seed before purchase.

Although the seed treatments are quite similar, Anchor is consistently less deleterious to nodulation than Vitaflow 280 on new soybean soils, and when used with powdered peat inoculants. When used with powdered peat inoculants, Vitaflow 280 decreased the number of nodules by 35%. The plants treated with Vitaflow 280, compensated somewhat by producing larger nodules.

Yields of Vitafbw 280 + powdered peat innoculant treated soybeans were 5 % lower than untreated, powder peat innoculated soybeans (difference averaged over 3 powder peat innoculants and two locations). As in previous years, neither fungicide seed dressing had an effect on nodulation when used with granular innoculants (which have higher numbers of viable rhizobia per gram of innoculant).

Excerpted from Ridgetown Farmers Week, Soybeans and Edible Bean Day, Ridgetown, Ont., Jan. 4, 1990.

Copyright 1990 REAP Canada

Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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