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By Larry Ross, RR # 3, Clifford, N0G 1M0

(After encountering some new difficulties, Larry wrote this addition to his article printed in the Summer 1993 Newsletter, page 16.)

On a mid-February day, as I looked back over what I'd written late last winter, I thought I should add what recent experience has taught me. In that article I suggested that to trap rabbits you should place a juicy organic carrot under the trap. (In my experience rabbits won't touch store-bought carrots.) Well, this year I didn't have any organic carrots, so I placed organic apples and pears under the trap.

Night after night the rabbits got them out without setting off the trap. (It's amazing the damage one or two cottontails can do to an orchard in winter - especially when the snow is high!) Eventually, when I stuck the apple on the wires I caught one the first night. Although I have caught them both ways, it seems that putting the apple on the wire is a more foolproof method.

I'm starting to use steel "T" fence posts cut in four foot lengths to anchor the traps. (This prevents animals, i.e. dogs, from dragging their "find" off.) The ring on the end of the chain will slide down these, and you can put yellow insulators on them for markers.

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