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Editor's desk

As Editor, you never know quite what to expect in the way of submissions. Often we go from very few articles to a multitude, all in the week before things are to be handed over to our layout man, Paul. While it's difficult to work through so much at short notice, it's definitely better than scratching around for material. We're really pleased to see members reaching out, and the more who do so the better the newsletter becomes. Just so you know, the next deadline will be about March 7. And, if you can get things in earlier, so much the better. Send submissions directly to my mailbox (presuming the snowplough has indeed left one); the address is below.

We have some great reading for those winter days with just nothing to do. (Really, does anyone out there actually have such days?) If you missed the course recently held in Kemptville, see Ruth Knight's detail-packed report, Eastern Adventures. Get an inside look at Germany's bio-dynamic farm, Dottenfelder Hof, provided by Mike Pembry. Contemplate "domesticated" animals from a fresh perspective with Gord Chiddick's Book Review on "The Covenant of the Wild". Or consider pigs alone in a whole new light, with Mike Beretta's Intensive Plowing With Pigs. Enjoy!

Shelly Paulocik

Please send submissions to:

Shelly Paulocik

R.R. # 1

Bluevale, Ontario

N0G 1G0

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