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By Shelly Paulocik

With the retirement of Mike Pembry, the Newsletter enters a new era. For years the EFAO has relied on the experience and willingness of Mike to produce the Newsletter, the connecting link for all members. While helping as Associate Editor last year, I came to realize just how much we all owed Mike for his tireless efforts. Understanding that, I also see why he wants to leave it all behind.

One of the continuing frustrations for Mike was, that despite his repeated call for members to send in information about their own experiences, it was rarely forthcoming. As a tribute to Mike's efforts through the years, as a way of improving our newsletter, (and as a way of taking the onus off me to find articles), I call upon all members to put forth a real effort to share one thing you've learned (or one thing you can't understand) from your recent experience. You needn't be a writer; if you just jot down the facts, someone can put an article together for you. (Keep in mind that timely articles are of particular value, but we need to gather and edit material about fifty days before it appears in your mailbox.)

Taking over the job of Editor is daunting, since I have much to learn. Everything beyond gathering and editing are new to me. Anyone who'd like to help with these jobs would be greatly appreciated.

The Board has been exploring the options and costs of layout and printing processes. A change in the Newsletter's format is being considered. (If you have some strong options or ideas, let us know.) You may see some changes in the next few issues. We hope you will bear with us during this transition, and more importantly, we hope that you will share with us.

Copyright 1994 Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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