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Once again the directors would like to thankfully acknowledge the kindness of one of our members who has donated money:

Christine Thomas

R.R. #3

Lambeth, Ont.


Help! The directors of the EFAO would like to put together a slide show to explain to the uninitiated exactly what it is we do. Do you have any slides and pictures that you think would help to illustrate some of our management practices (composting, green manuring,pasturing), crops (spelt,green manure and cover crops), natural areas (forests, windbreaks, stream rehabilitation) or our events? If you do have some, please identify each of them as your, and send them along. We promise to return them, after sorting through them and copying those we'd like to use. It would be great to see these before the New Year.


The directors that gathered for our October meeting had several in depth discussions. One centred on the need to take a more active approach in outreach activities, particularly in promoting our ideas within the school system. This may be done several ways: being part of a coop program, having a classroom come out for a few hours to "get their hands dirty", or taking part in an educational program in (or for) the school.

One project that needs some immediate support is "Roots of Bruce". Several different groups are trying to gather together to present Grade Six school children in Bruce with a first hand experiences about agriculture. The directors would like members (and supportive friends?) in the Walkerton area to consider putting some time and effort into helping out with this project i.e. ideas, organizing, or manning the booth itself. If you can help in some way please contact Ted Zettel soon; we must commit ourselves, with our ideas, by mid-Dec.


Bob Budd, who handles most of our CSA efforts, has recently been advised by one of the authors of the CSA manual (Tamsyn Rowley) that it will go to press within the next few days (as of Oct. 4). We hope to have several copies on hand by the time you receive this newsletter.

The EFAO is extremely pleased to be able to distribute these manuals and believes anyone considering running a CSA would get a lot of useful information from them. The price has been set $15.00,and an up-to-date information package will go out with each manual. The directors are hoping some income from the manual's sale will cover the costs of running the CSA Resource Centre.


Monsanto has voluntarily agreed to withhold marketing BST for one year. While this may sound promising, it isn't wise to get your hopes up yet. Brewster Kneen has commented an the aggressive campaign Monsanto is running - even within the school system. It looks to him that they will stop at nothing to get this into the market. Ted Zettel also adds that it appears that the EFAO will not be asked to participate on the Cabinet's taskforce. At this point it includes the Consumer's Assoc. (in favour), the Dairy Farmers of Canada (uncertain), but neither the EFAO or the NFU (both openly opposed). If you haven't written those letters yet, perhaps you'd better. (See names and addresses on page 7 on the Summer EFAO News.)


By Rita Stoller

There was a very different weather influences, depending on where you were located. In the Kingston to Smith Falls area it was an excellent spring and summer. A little more to the north, i.e. by Almonte and Renfrew there was a lot of rain, in spring and summer. The harvest was way behind and often interrupted. The weeds enjoyed the moisture and humidity and grew very well - too well. It resulted in some big crop losses. We could not take off some oats and peas because the weeds were too big.

Copyright 1994 Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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