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By Tony McQuail

Financial Concerns

1. The Board of directors is recommending that the EFAO membership fee be increased from $20 to $25 per year and from $50 to $65 for 3 years. It is also recommending that courses, workshops and farm advisory visits be run on a cost recovery basis. Members who do not wish to support the OFA or CFFO with their farm registration fee should be informed of how to get their refund and if they wish to donate all or part of it to the EFAO. Do you agree or disagree with these recommendations?

Directors' Commentary EFAO's fees have not increased for many years, but the services available from the organization and the costs of running it have increased. We feel the basic membership fee should increase modestly to cover the newsletter, library, and organizational work which are available to all members. We are suggesting that courses, workshops and farm advisory visits carry a charge that covers their costs so that the members who use and benefit from these services pay the costs of them. Some members have indicated that they would rather support EFAO than the General Farm lobbying organizations and there is a way for them to get a refund and direct it to EFAO.

Proposal for EFAO activities for 1995

We propose developing a more advanced course on Ecological Agriculture and offering it in the Fall of 1995. The introductory course will be provided upon request if a Local Organizational Network or individual member is prepared to organize it. We are offering a Holistic Resource Management Course, a Pasture Management/Intensive Grazing course and a Rehabilitating Natural Areas workshop in the Spring of 1995. We are considering have an advanced Dairy course. We will have fewer tours in 1995 and try to have them on farms where a topical theme can be demonstrated. We will also try to have a tour in the East and West which involve a potluck supper or Barbecue and evening tour so that people can get farm work done during the day and bring the family for a social and informative evening. Do these 1995 program suggestions meet with your approval?

Directors' Commentary The introductory course has been given for many years. There is now much more information of an introductory nature available, both in book and video form. We have received requests for a more advanced course and will be trying out a 1 day format for one in the end of November '94. The courses offered this spring are ones requested or suggested by members. While we ran a number and variety of tours in 1994 attendance was highly variable. Our sense is that members are very busy farming and that we would be better to have fewer tours sponsored by the provincial organization. Local tours can be organized by Local Organizational Networks and be more spontaneous and less work to plan. Doing things with family is also important for our members, so we need to plan tours which will be enjoyable for the whole family.

Copyright 1994 Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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