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By Rita Stoller

On Nov. 4th, Norm and Kathy Porter of Smith Falls hosted the fourth meeting of the LON started by Rita Stoller. A theme of the day was to hear everyone's experiences with particular crops that year. Here are some brief notes.

Duncan Farm, Almonte: they had a battle with too much rain in '93; in Oct. they still had straw to get in. (An hour to the south, where most members live, there wasn't enough rain.)

Schmockers Farm, Portland: when it was too late to plant soybeans, they went with buckwheat instead - these didn't get ploughed down, so they foresee potential problems in '94.

Green Farm, Seeley's Bay: they experimented for the first time with sunflowers as a source of energy for their dairy herd; (with protein coming from their pea and grain combination, they hope there's no need to buy feed); the 25 acres yielded 20 tonnes, and was quite an attraction to passersby during the summer.

Stoller Farm, Seeley's Bay: their first planting of oil radish took place during the first week of Sept.; while the ground is covered, the roots may not be deep enough - should have seeded in mid-August.

In the next meeting we'll try to have another special theme, and as always, a good lunch together.

Copyright 1993 Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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